Information Session and Sample Class

- Hong Kong

Time: 7:00pm, September 13, Thursday, 2018

Location: Four Seasons Hotel, 8 Finance Street, Central 

Event Details: 

How can a world class EMBA program help you to achieve your goals and advance your career?

You are invited to an information session and sample class. During the event, you will meet our admissions staff, "High Impact Low Ego" alumni and current participants who are all senior and accomplished business executives. You will also take a class with our World Class Faculty, Professor Craig Garthwaite.

Sample Class Topic: Value Creation, Capture, and Sustainability in Changing Marketplaces 

Synopsis: The goal of firms is to create and capture value as profits.  Sustaining the ability to capture profits over a long period of time is difficult, often because new firms emerge with superior capabilities and business models.  These problems are often exacerbated in online spaces where technology is changing rapidly, new firms are entering, and business models must adapt at an increasing rate.  We will consider these questions with a particular focus on firms whose initial competitive advantage is based on strong network externalities serving as barriers to new competitors.

Schedule: (7:00pm-10:00pm)
- Program Introduction
- Sharing by alumni and current participants
- Sample Class

Join us to have a taste of the World's #1 EMBA program!

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